Speaking of Mason Jars…

…it’s that time of year again. My husband went to the Farmer’s Market in Asheville, NC on Friday with plans for going back this coming Thursday for more produce. I love it, but that also means, the pressure is on! I have canned a lot of produce since January.

Some of the produce I have to get put up came from our garden including habenero peppers, bell peppers, green tomatoes:

Bell peppers, Habenero peppers and tomatoes from garden (and two of my big white radishes).

From the Farmer’s Market we have…

1 bushel tomatoes

1 bushel pablano peppers

1 bushel green bell peppers and 1 bushel red bell peppers

4 bushels of apples (Red Delicious, Gala, Arkansas Black, Honey Crisp)

I’ll share what I make with all this good stuff as I go. Are you doing any fall canning or preserving? I didn’t can anything this summer, which is unusual for me, but I did so much in January, February, and March, I was wore out. You can see what I have canned this year (so far) on my sidebar.

Happy Canning!

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Melissa Ringstaff is a pastor's wife, serving with her husband in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Southeastern Kentucky. She is a homeschooling mother of five plus four and Grandarlin' to 13 (so far) grandchildren. Melissa is the Founding Editor of A Virtuous Woman since 2001. She has written several titles including Spring Cleaning for the Heart and Home, The Homemaker's Journal: Keeping House, and Christian ADVENTures in Prophecy. You are invited to visit Melissa at A Virtuous Woman.
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